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Autumn. The smell of crisp leaves is in the air, pumpkin spice flows in your veins, and (for the most part) the breeze carries just the right amount of chill.

I’m sure you have some beautiful imagery that fills your mind when you think of autumn, don’t you? How can you not, what with changing leaves everywhere you look and comfy sweaters encompassing your whole wardrobe? Fall is most definitely my favorite time of the year, and it is one of the most gorgeous times to get memorable photos. If you have a photography session planned for this time of year and you’ve yet to fully decide on what to wear, let’s see if I can offer some inspiration!

When coordinating the perfect outfit, I like to think of it as picking out the perfect palette for a painting. As an artist, I tend to think in terms of color—and that actually translates really well into photography, too. Photography is most certainly an art, since its true definition is “painting with light”. So, when you envision your dream photos, what colors do you envision for your “canvas”?

If you’re more into a moody, dramatic vibe for your photography session, then let’s look at the fall leaves for your inspiration. Rich crimson and burnt orange as accents, with deep green or plum as the unifying color: this makes a decidedly moody, Fall palette that will look absolutely beautiful on film. The way that film photography really pulls out rich colors and deepens contrast is absolutely perfect for this kind of moody palette.

And if burnt orange isn’t really your thing, then you can always swap that accent color for a mustard yellow

Now, if moody is not the exact look you’re hoping for and you want something more bright and eye-catching, then I suggest taking light turquoise or vibrant blues and pairing them with gentle lavenders or lilac shades. These tones still have a somewhat autumn vibe, with the purples acting as subtle indicators to the season, but they are still decidedly fun and happy--and they will really pop if we have a backdrop of changing autumn leaves.

With your colors down pat, remember to accessorize, too! Items like chunky scarves, boot socks, and watches or leather cuffs all translate really well on camera. But in the midst of all of worry of what to wear, remember one thing: be yourselves. I truly mean it! At Ink-stained, it’s my desire to capture you in your element, to have you relaxed and yourself in front of the lens. Don’t worry too much about dressing or looking any certain way; just come in whatever makes you feel most like you.

I promise you that will result in the most beautiful film captures of all.


It’s a precious, sometimes hard to interpret, thing. It has a mind of its own at times; one cannot ascertain just how Love will claim them and direct them. There are people in this world who never truly know what it feels like to be irrefutably, unconditionally loved beyond measure.

But I do. I know this kind of love every day.

It’s in the way you look at me across the table, your eyes gleaming with mischief because you can read my thoughts in that very moment. You always know my mind, no matter the circumstance. You make me feel seen.

It’s in the soft exhalation of your breath as you lean in to whisper, “You’re so beautiful” when we’re in a room full of people. You can still make me blush like the 18-year-old you first met all those years ago. I will never lose that feeling.

And it’s in the way your skin warms mine every time you take my hand in yours and place your lips on my palm. My body leans into yours as if you’re the very air I breathe, as if our bodies are meant to melt into each other and never fall apart.

This is Our Love. It is endless, and exciting, and breathtaking. It makes me thank God for ever prayer I ever whispered over you before I even knew you. We have been together in our hearts long before our eyes first locked.

And to think that there are so many more years ahead of us. This is just the beginning.


Thank you for following our journey in film. Ben and I find so much joy in doing this business together--He is the one that backs me up in every endeavor and he is there with me on every photo session, capturing behind the scenes looks and engaging with our clients to make them feel seen and comfortable. We make a pretty good team.

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Until next week,


These two.

The sweet love they share together is absolutely the best. I love seeing the way they care for each other, the gentle ways they interact and speak to one another. Going into their session, I had a few specific shots in mind for them; it was my goal to capture them in their element together and to have them just simply be in each other’s presence.

I had the images already planned in my mind and, of course, one of the most exciting and at the same time painstaking parts about film photography is having to wait to see the photos. It certainly took some patience on my part to take the time to get them developed and the roll scanned, I’ll tell you that!

But when I finally saw the scans…My goodness. I have decided that Christin and Michael should just go ahead and be models.

Is it just me, or do they look like they belong on a magazine cover?

I feel as if these photos most definitely speak of the love that they share together. The tenderness in which they love each other translates so beautifully here.

Capturing people and the very essence of what makes them them.

In creativity and joy,



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