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Tutorial: How to Write Faux Calligraphy

Hey, everyone!

In this week's tutorial, I decided to take it the basics and show you how to write faux calligraphy. This technique is perfect for beginners in both hand-lettering and calligraphy alike! It's easy and fun, and best of all, it looks amazing on everything!

I'll show you the simple steps to creating your own faux calligraphy look. The example I create for you today is a verse that you can very easily recreate yourself!

I've put the tutorial together in a video! Enjoy! If the video doesn't appear here in your browser, you can also view it on YouTube HERE.

Once you've viewed the tutorial and tried it out for yourself, make sure to show me your results! Join my new art community, The Ink-stained Guild, HERE to connect with me and other art-lovers (and to catch more tutorials, tips, and giveaways!).

Do you have any suggestions for tutorials? Email me at with any ideas!


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