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Making Ink

For a while now, it has been a great interest of mine to learn how to make ink. Something about the detailed, purposeful process has always appealed to me. And recently, I decided to finally give it a go!

Making your own ink certainly takes patience. But if you can stick it out and enjoy the process, you can make any color imaginable using simple items that you may already have at your disposal! Ink can be made with anything ranging from berries, and leaves, to nuts or rocks. It’s phenomenal, really! I decided to forage in my own back yard for the perfect ingredients for my first ink attempt. I found some beautiful red leaves that I knew would do just great.

And after a little time and lots of patience, I had my first-ever bottle of homemade ink! The rich umbre tint was even more beautiful than I had hoped for. Esquisite. After adding in a thickening medium, the ink was complete.

This is definitely something I’ve been wanting to get my hands into for a while now. Stay tuned, because I know this will certainly make way for some sweet changes to The Ink-stained Minstrel. The sky is the limit!

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