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Art Has Many Forms

Before I started The Ink-stained Minstrel, I had my own photography business and I also did videography part time. Photography has always been a passion of mine; I guess you could say that capturing stories has always been my biggest source of satisfaction. I had to retire my photography business because of various reasons and, while it’s been nearly six years ago now, I still find myself missing the joy I found in releasing that shutter and finding beauty in the details. I often find myself saying that art comes in many forms—and photography is certainly one of them! This past year has been quite a roller coster: we’ve been neck-deep in work and business, and often it feels like we have no free time for ourselves. So recently, I’ve been striving to make that time for things that I love. I’ve reintroduced photography into my daily life. When I had my photography business, I had a camera with me at all times. Now, I’ve fallen back into that habit. And this time, I’m teaching myself film photography. Film is a whole new art form. It’s timeless. Each image has to be meticulously planned, otherwise you risk wasting your roll of film. It takes patience, as you can’t see how your photos turned out until you develop them.

All in all, it’s a satisfying art, and I am so thankful that I have been able to devote the time to learning such a richly unique medium! Now, wherever I go, I have a film camera tucked into my purse. I’m capturing moments that stand out to me, things that catch my eye and cause me to press that shutter.

I’m capturing memories. 

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