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Film Session: Christin + Michael

These two.

The sweet love they share together is absolutely the best. I love seeing the way they care for each other, the gentle ways they interact and speak to one another. Going into their session, I had a few specific shots in mind for them; it was my goal to capture them in their element together and to have them just simply be in each other’s presence.

I had the images already planned in my mind and, of course, one of the most exciting and at the same time painstaking parts about film photography is having to wait to see the photos. It certainly took some patience on my part to take the time to get them developed and the roll scanned, I’ll tell you that!

But when I finally saw the scans…My goodness. I have decided that Christin and Michael should just go ahead and be models.

Is it just me, or do they look like they belong on a magazine cover?

I feel as if these photos most definitely speak of the love that they share together. The tenderness in which they love each other translates so beautifully here.

Capturing people and the very essence of what makes them them.

In creativity and joy,



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