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Love Is -- A Glimpse of Us


It’s a precious, sometimes hard to interpret, thing. It has a mind of its own at times; one cannot ascertain just how Love will claim them and direct them. There are people in this world who never truly know what it feels like to be irrefutably, unconditionally loved beyond measure.

But I do. I know this kind of love every day.

It’s in the way you look at me across the table, your eyes gleaming with mischief because you can read my thoughts in that very moment. You always know my mind, no matter the circumstance. You make me feel seen.

It’s in the soft exhalation of your breath as you lean in to whisper, “You’re so beautiful” when we’re in a room full of people. You can still make me blush like the 18-year-old you first met all those years ago. I will never lose that feeling.

And it’s in the way your skin warms mine every time you take my hand in yours and place your lips on my palm. My body leans into yours as if you’re the very air I breathe, as if our bodies are meant to melt into each other and never fall apart.

This is Our Love. It is endless, and exciting, and breathtaking. It makes me thank God for ever prayer I ever whispered over you before I even knew you. We have been together in our hearts long before our eyes first locked.

And to think that there are so many more years ahead of us. This is just the beginning.


Thank you for following our journey in film. Ben and I find so much joy in doing this business together--He is the one that backs me up in every endeavor and he is there with me on every photo session, capturing behind the scenes looks and engaging with our clients to make them feel seen and comfortable. We make a pretty good team.

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