Have you ever wanted to try your hand at the traditional art of calligraphy? Well, now you can!
The Ink-stained Minstrel's calligraphy kits have all that you need to start your own calligraphy journey. One of each of the following is included:
-Rhodia Practice Paper
-Dr. Ph Martin's black ink
-Nikko G nib
-straight pen holder
-Dinky Dip (a.k.a. ink well)
-Nib Wipe
-The Ink-stained Minstrel Beginner Calligraphy Worksheets
The worksheets cover everything that I teach in my in-person workshops, including an overview of the supply list, basic pen pressure, and a full calligraphy alphabet! When you purchase this set of worksheets, you will get a digital file to download all of the pages. And the best part is that once you have the files, you can reprint them as many times as you like as you continue learning calligraphy!
When you place your order, you will be emailed with a download link for your worksheets. Once you have your zip file downloaded and extracted on your computer, make sure you print them on a nice, heavier-grade paper. I suggest a simple multi-media paper (which I buy in loose form from Hobby Lobby). You can also print on a heavier printer paper or cardstock. The reasoning behind printing on a heavier paper is to ensure that your ink doesn't bleed when you are practicing in the worksheets.
Since I curate all of these kits myself, the ordering period will be open until Nov.18, and after that I will assemble all of the kits that have been ordered and get them sent out by Nov. 28. If you happen to miss the ordering period, don't worry! I'll reopen orders the beginning of December (and I'll try my best to have them sent out before Christmas!).

Calligraphy Kit for Beginners

  • The items in your kit will be curated just for you, so I can only accept returns on any damaged items. Any damaged items will be replaced.