**Cutoff date for ordering letters is Dec. 7th. This helps guarantee I can ship them to you before Christmas!

**If you order in November, your letter will be shipped once we’re in December! 

Rumor has it that Santa knows calligraphy, too! And he loves sending out letters to all of the very best children on his Nice List.
Give your child the gift of magical wonder this season by having a beautifully written Santa letter sent to them! Each letter is handwritten and specifically addressed to your child. The letters are sealed in festive envelopes and addressed with lovely calligraphy directly to your child. These letters will make the most special, cherished gifts of the season - and they're something that your child will most likely want to keep (and maybe even frame) forever!
The ink colors can be customized as well at the letter paper. The letters will be sent before Christmas, that way you can either choose to have your child find their letter as a surprise in the mailbox OR you can hand them the letter on Christmas morning. What a wonderful way to make a new family tradition! Each letter can be personalized to your child's name, and you can also let me know if you want anything additional mentioned (i.e. a certain gift they've been wanting, mention the good things they've done this year, etc.). Just make sure to mention these things to me when you are checking out!
So excited to be offering these again this year. The cutoff date for ordering is December 7th, that way they get there by Christmas!

Letter from Santa