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Hogan has a passion for telling stories.


She has published two books, The King's Heir (2013) and A Song of Light and Sorrow (2021). Her third novel, a standalone work, is set to release in late 2022.


While writing is certainly one of Hogan's biggest passions, she has found that it is not the only way to express her love for words. Stories can be found in many things. Hogan has found that any art in itself is an expression of just that: storytelling. And because she takes such joy in weaving words together and spinning tales, she has come to think of herself as a minstrel of sorts. 


Her work consists of custom art in watercolor and calligraphy, as well as clay jewelry and accessories. She also teaches calligraphy and lettering workshops. Signed copies of her novels are available here, or you can download the ebook on Kindle!

As you browse through her site, make sure to look closely and, more importantly, listen. All art has a song--a story--for those that pay close enough attention to the details.

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